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Environmental Practices Skills Development Programme Evaluation

Welcome to the Environmental Practices Pilot Evaluation online. Thank you for your time, involvement and contributions on the Environmental Practices Pilot courses. We greatly appreciate your honest and critical feedback on how to improve the level 2 and level 5 Skills Development Programmes.


If you wish to do the evaluation online, click on the level 2 or 5 icon in the appropriate row and the evaluation form will open up.


If you need to download and print hardcopies of the evaluation, click on the word template in the relevant row.          

Environmental Practices Evaluation options: 


Evaluation theme

Level 2


Level 5 


Word templates


1 Learner Evaluation 

icon EP L2 Interview and questionnaire template1 (100 kB)

icon EP Level 5 Learner Interview and questionnaire template (100.5 kB)

2 Facilitators evaluation icon EP Level 2 and 5 Facilitator evalaution (81 kB)
3  Assessors evaluation

icon EP L2 Assessors Evaluation Template (78.5 kB)

icon EP L5 Assessors Evaluation Template (78.5 kB)

4 Content Reviewer evaluation icon EP Content reviewer evaluation (75.5 kB)
5 Mentors /workplace managers/supervisor evaluation icon EP L2 Mentors Evaluation template (94.5 kB)
6 Learners drop out evaluation

icon EP Level 2 Learner drop-out interview schedule template (96 kB)

icon EP Level 5 Learner drop-out interview schedule template (96 kB)



This is the first time we have used an online platform to enable access to the Evaluation of a pilot project such as the Enviro Practices Skills Programmes. Please comment on the above online evaluation process by answering a few questions below. Thank you for your time and contribution. 


Evaluation of the QMS

Please be as detailed as possible. Honest feedback will help us improve. 

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